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Ask about the new Data Mining API.  Create powerful data mining applications with C++, C#, and VB.NET

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Got data? Discover important patterns and information hidden in your data and make better decisions with SuperQuery.

SuperQuery Discovery edition

Need help? SuperQuery is your Business Intelligence tool. It helps you understand and use your Microsoft Access and Excel data as well as many other databases.  SuperQuery automatically draws graphs, calculates statistics and reveals hidden patterns and errors in your data tables. What does it do?

SuperQuery(TM)   API Edition  
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Develop Powerful Data Mining Applications the EASY Way.  SuperQuery API Edition is your data mining development tool for C++, C# and VB.NET. With comprehensive examples that you can easily include in your applications. FREE for developers*.



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Mine your data the EASY way. SuperQuery Discovery contains support for most data sources, Basket Analysis, advanced features for analyzing related tables, fine tuning the data mining engine, additional virtual columns and expanded customization of the user interface. FREE (unlimited query and 10,000 rows induction) SuperQuery Brocure
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Requires Windows XP or Vista

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For customization and custom software development, please send email to or call us at 201 388 6550


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